spy whatsapp without rootting android

How to Spy WhatsApp without Rooting the Android Cell phone

Discovering how to spy WhatsApp without rooting the target Android cell phone is one of the most common questions I received from visitors. The quick answer is yes, and in this article, I will tell you know what had changed and which trick (currently working) will let you capture WhatsApp chats from an Android without having to root the cellphone.

Spying WhatsApp… The Past

How to Spy WhatsApp without Rooting
How to Spy WhatsApp without Rooting

It was much easier to spy WhatsApp without rooting an Android just a few years ago. Around 2009, when WhatsApp version 2 was released to take advantage of push notifications in the Apple cellphones, capturing messages or chats from WhatsApp, using any cellphone, was as easy as capturing the WiFi or data transmissions out of the cellphone.

You didn’t need to have access to the target Android cellphone to spy WhatsApp. Capturing passwords and logins was also very easy.

The next versions of Android and WhatsApp quickly close that backdoor. WhatsApp now encrypts all messages or chats when leaving the cellphone in route to their servers and then to the target cellphone. Even if you are able to capture WhatsApp messages from the air, these messages are fully encrypted and you will not be able to read any of the contents.

That is the reason you need to root first the Android cell phone when installing the spying app, so it can have administrator rights to WhatsApp messages before encryption and be able to make a copy you can read and understand. Nevertheless, is possible to spy WhatsApp without rooting and I will tell you how next.

How to Spy WhatsApp Without Rooting

You still need to install the spying app on the target Android cellphone. There is no way around it, basically you cannot spy an Android remotely anymore. But, you don’t need to root the Android cellphone to be able to use the keylogger spy feature.

By using the keylogger you will be able to read all the content of the user’s entries in WhatsApp. Not all cellphone tracking applications have a keylogger feature, and the one I found is one of the best. Is so good, you might even get a chance to capture the full login credentials of the user when opening WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social network, or email. If you are lucky enough to capture the password, then you will have full access to the whole conversation from your own device even.

As a plus, installing the cellphone tracking application gives you other spy features like:

  • Full history of phone calls, including numbers or contact names, duration, date and time.
  • Access to emails, and visited web pages.
  • Finding the location of the cellphone at all times. Even creating alerts when leaving virtual areas (like your home or workplace).
  • Capture all SMS text messages.
  • And much more.

What to Do Next?

Easy. Just visit their information page and proceed to purchase the spying application. Is easy and fast to setup (less than 5 minutes), captures all the information automatically, comes with responsive tech support and your purchase is guaranteed.

You need the PREMIUM version to be able to use the KEYLOGGER spy feature to capture everything the user types on the Android cellphone.

Visit the information page by clicking here →

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WhatsApp is a great application for chatting amongst friends or colleagues, but many people are using this wonderful application to hide and delete the conversations they don’t want you to know about. If you want to know how to track an Android cellphone, now you have the solution is your hands. Spying applications are the best solution to discover how to spy WhatsApp without rooting the Android cellphone, try it and you will be satisfied, like many others, with the results.



  1. Excellent solution to my problems, i like that everything is on the DL. perfect to catch someone i thought i knew. Thanks.

  2. hi,if i d/l your spy app in target phone will spy whatsapp ? without root ?

  3. This works, at first it was a bit harder to follow, but then when I tried to second time, it was much easy and made sense right away. you guys were right, thanks for helping me (on a weekend).

  4. Thank you so much for the info and I wondered if the deleted whatsapp messages can be checked via the software. For instance owner of target mobile would delete messages once they were read and sent. Can I check all of these while the mobile does not back up it’s own?

    Moreover is the software supports all languages including Chinese?

    Thanks again

  5. Great article, thanks for the help, I needed to spy whatsapp but could not root the android cell, just using the keylogger from the app worked perfectly.

  6. Great article, thanks for the help to spy whatsapp

  7. thanks for the info.

  8. Do you need to root to spy tinder?

  9. Is there a better way to root an android?

  10. All the information was very useful, thanks.

  11. I need your help, I have a couple of questions but don’t want to write those here. Can i talk to you?

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