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How to Spy SMS Text Messages in 3 Easy Steps

Learning how to spy SMS or spy on text messages can be easier than you think. Everywhere you look; it seems as if people are glued to their smartphones. Teenagers and young adults are constantly text messaging, even during dinner time, which can frustrate a parent to no end. If you are curious as to whom your children are always texting, there is a way to find out without “borrowing” their phones when they are asleep.

Reading your children’s text messages might be the only way to learn what the user is up to. Don’t wait forever to find the truth, the steps to spy sms text messages are easy to follow and you can start reviewing their text messages in a short period of time.

Update: This page has been updated on February 23rd, 2017 to include updated information, I also removed outdated information and obsolete links.

Steps to Spy SMS Text Messages

A cellphone tracking and monitoring application will capture and log the SMS text messages of the cellphone you are monitoring, which will allow you to read everything that has been sent or received on the phone. It doesn’t matter if the user has deleted the text messages, you already have a copy waiting for you to review it whenever you want.

Before you start to spy sms messages and getting reports about the content of text messages on the phone you are monitoring, you need to check the cellphone to see if it is compatible with the tracking app. The best cellphone tracking apps can be downloaded to cellphones and tablets using most of the major platforms, such as iOS for iPhones and iPads and Android cellphones and tablets.

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1. Check Compatibility Required to Spy SMS Text Messages

Any Android phone or tablet, regardless of the carrier or which company manufactured the device, will be compatible with the app. iPhones and iPads are also compatible with this monitoring software. After you have double-checked for compatibility, you can download the app to the smartphone you want to monitor. Also, this cellphone tracking application will allow you to spy sms text messages (and more!) in any country.

2. Set-up Control Panel

To help set-up your monitoring activities, there is a live control panel that you can use to add phone numbers of the cellphones you wish to monitor, add on your email account and keep track of all of the logs for the activities that you use on the app. The information is easy to find because it is neatly categorized on the control panel. The panel also allows you to have the logged text messages sent to your phone, an email account or on the control panel. The control panel is a set of webpages that you will be able to access from any device with Internet connection, at any time and from any location.

3. Receive SMS Text Messages Information

spy-text-messagesThe text messages that have been sent or received on the phones that you are monitoring will be logged for you and you can read them whenever you wish. Even deleted text messages can be logged and sent to you to read, so that even if someone is trying to hide messages, you can find out by reading their messages. The app allows you to spy SMS text messages without being discovered and logs the full content of the text messages, not just a small portion. That allows you to read everything that was sent or received by the monitored cell phones.

When you spy SMS text messages you also get the telephone numbers for both the sender and receiver of the text messages. The messages are also time stamped, so you know when texts were sent and when they were received. Having all of the information on the texts will allow you to find out exactly what your employees are up to or what your children or spouse may be hiding from you. Using a tracking application to monitor the cellphones of family or employees is a good way to protect yourself, your business and your family members.

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Reasons to Spy Text Messages

Being able to read your children’s text messages will help you protect them from bullies at school or from people with whom your children shouldn’t associate. They might be kids that are constantly in trouble with their parents or at school, boyfriends or girlfriends that you think are too wild for your kids. Children don’t always use their best judgment and monitoring the SMS text messages allows you to do your job as a parent, which is to protect them.

If you are a business owner, you can also use the app to find out what your employees are doing when they should be working. You can find out if they are texting their boyfriends or girlfriends while they are on the job or you can find out if they are being contacted by your competitors to either spy for them or to recruit your staff. Combine the SMS monitoring feature with the stealth camera mode and you can get a more complete picture of any activity that shouldn’t be happening at work.

You can find out if files are being scanned or if sensitive information is being photographed and texted to competitors or people trying to steal credit information. With the evidence logged and in your hands, you can take care of the matter before it ruins your company’s reputation and costs you thousands of dollars in penalties or fines.

iMessages can be Monitored Too

track imessageIf your family members or employees happen to own iPhones and/or iPads, the messages that are sent or received with another iPhone or iPad are sent and received as iMessages. The cellphone tracking app also records iMessages and you can read their contents, as well as regular text messages, on your phone or from the control panel.

You won’t have to miss any texts or iMessages that may contain information that you should know.


The phone users will never have any indication that their phones are being monitored, so you don’t have to worry about repercussions or arguments from family or your employees about being spied on by you. To avoid someone finding out about your monitoring activities if you lose track of your phone, the app gives you the ability to remotely uninstall the app from the control panel. You just have to log onto your account and you can remotely uninstall the app within just a few seconds in order to discontinue all monitoring activities on targeted phones.

Either of the monitoring apps that I recommend are easy to use and you can start your monitoring activities, including to spy text messages, soon after installing the application. Get the information you need to keep your family safe and to help protect your company’s assets as well by monitoring your employees’ texts messages and iMessages.

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Don’t waste any time and discover how to spy SMS text messages today. You will be surprised at the amount of information that will fall in your hands.

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