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Why Do I Need to Root an Android to Spy WhatsApp?

If you need to spy WhatsApp on an Android cell phone there is ONLY ONE WAY of doing it, by installing a tracking app that will capture all the chats (and more) from the phone. But, there is a catch. The monitoring app needs to be installed with full permissions to be able to gather all the messages that WhatsApp sends and receives, and the only way of doing this is by rooting the Android cellphone. I know it sounds scary but is not and I will tell you how you can do it without any risks in this article.

UPDATE: This article was updated on February 22nd, 2017 to include new information, and remove outdated information concerning how to spy WhatsApp. Some links were deleted and new ones, specifically to our new comparison page, added to this article.

Social Media use among teenagers
Social Media use among teenagers

We had changed a lot in these few years. Currently, any 6-year-old can easily operate a cell phone or a tablet to download games and song. Any teenager with an Android or any other smartphone or tablet can discreetly send and receive messages, photos and videos to any of his or her friends without you having any clue of what is being shared. Is good, is bad, who knows? This knowledge and accessibility to media sharing has created new challenges for us as a parents and as individuals. For some stats on Teens and Social Media use you can visit this site:

Responsible monitoring is not optional anymore, is the only way to proactively avoid any problems with your children or eliminate any doubts you might have in your personal life.

Understanding the Concept of Rooting (Really! Is Not That Difficult)

The Android Operating System is a mobile-based software that runs on most smartphones. When you buy a phone, you find that it has limitations that make it hard for you to access applications from external sources. Most consumers will overcome this problem by rooting the phone.

At a basic level, rooting refers to a process by which a user modifies subsystem functionalities in an android phone, therefore giving them unrestricted control over major functionalities. There are different ways of going about this, depending on the level of skill of the user. The regular user will find rooting applications that work at the click of a button or the tap of a screen while the more sophisticated technical users manipulates the command shell.

To summarize, the information shared by social apps like WhatsApp and Facebook and the Android operating system is only accessible when the app is installed with administrator permissions (more about this later in this article). Rooting an Android allows you to perform this installation and the app to have the permissions it needs to capture and send all the messages, photos and video coming and going out from your Android’s WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, WeChat and some other social apps.

Rooting and Safety

root-an-android-cellphoneWhile rooting an android device, the user exploits vulnerabilities within the system or simply goes around protocols established to keep the manufacturer firmly in control of the intricate technicalities of the device.

In most cases, rooting an Android cell phone is a straightforward process that takes a matter of minutes to implement. To root an android device, however, you need to factor in the configuration of hardware. Some devices have different setups even when they are a general variant of the same model. Following the wrong prompts can brick the user’s cell phone, although this is rare. Bricking refers to corrupting the system make-up to the point where hardware becomes compromised and the software loses functional integrity. When a phone is bricked, it becomes just that; a brick. In the literal sense of the way, it becomes as useless as a brick is in electronics.

Bricking is no longer much of the problem it was in the past. Today you can purchase applications that can return your cell phone to its original shape after encountering any rooting issue. Keep in mind that it is far more possible to fix soft bricking (those made using a software) that it is to handle hard bricking (those opening and soldering inside the cellphone itself). However, there is little cause for concern because the numbers of phones that get bricked during rooting are statistically very low as compared to the rooting efforts that succeed.

The Need for Rooting

Why do I need to root an Android to spy WhatsApp? This is a very common question among users. Well, when the manufacturer configures an Android device, they take away a whole bunch of privileges from the hands of the user in order to maintain control of the device. Sometimes, it is done in a bid to protect the device from malicious handlers. At other times, the manufacturer wants to avoid modification of patented firmware. You will need to root the Android device to install third party applications because they stretch the potential of the device.

How to Safely Root an Android (and be Able to Rollback if Necessary)

oneclickroot-root-an-androidBasically, at this point, you know that you will have to root the Android phone to be able to capture WhatsApp conversations. But, you don’t have to follow a long list of painful steps nor you need to risk the functionality of the cellphone.

There are easier, faster and safer alternatives to rooting an Android. As a matter of fact, many of these apps are 100% automatic and just by making minor configurations and pushing a button is all you need to complete the rooting process.

If you want to safely root an Android cell phone then this is my recommendation: click here to visit OneClickRoot information page. This is a good app and these are the features I like the most:

  • You can check if the Android cell is compatible with the program before starting any process. (no risks)
  • Rooting an Android is a ONE-CLICK of a button operation. (fast and automatic)
  • You can go back to factory with JUST ONE CLICK. (no worries about breaking the cell phone)

Do I Need to Root to Find the Information I Need?

Well, yes and no. Let me explain. If the user you want to monitor uses WhatsApp exclusively for sending and receiving messages, then yes. Most of all the information you need will come from spying WhatsApp. But, if the user also sends or receives the information you want to capture by other communication means like email and text messages, then you might be able to get a good amount of information, without having to root the Android cellphone.

Any of the tracking applications that I recommend can capture not only WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype, but also text messages, emails, phone logs, photos, videos, web pages and the GPS location of the phone.

It will be naive to think that you will not be able to gather the information you want from all these channels. You might for example catch a text message here and there and be able to match this text with a sudden movement in the location of the cell phone. While not really WhatsApp content, you can discover a lot of things just using those basic tracking functions.


Finally, if you can root the cell phone please use a professional app (like OneClickRoot mentioned above – click here to visit the information page) to make your life easier. Is not expensive at all and you will save time and maybe money by choosing this route.

Rooting is the ONLY WAY to spy WhatsApp but that doesn’t mean that you will not be able to learn anything new about the Android cellphone user. Choose the best tracking app for your situation (Click here to visit our Comparison Page) and begin to capture all kinds of information without having to root the device (and much more when the cell phone is rooted) making it almost impossible for you not to find the truth.

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