monitor your childs android phone

How to Monitor your Child’s Android Phone

Nowadays, knowing how to monitor your child’s Android phone is far from a trivial activity. Children and especially teenagers are known to run into trouble either knowingly or unknowingly once in a while even without the use or presence of technology. However, with numerous technological advancements such as mobile telephony and the introduction of several social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, the problem is amplified. So to be on the safe side with your children, it is advisable to monitor your child’s Android phone and be able to track his or her GPS location and know exactly where they are. Once you are able to track an Android phone, you can have some peace of mind as you shall be able to know what exactly your child is up to at any given time; if he is not in school when he is supposed to be, you will be able to detect and nip the problem in the bud before it gets out of hand. Alternatively, if he or she tells you they are somewhere different from where you can see they are, then your alarm bells should start ringing and it should act as a red flag that something is not right somewhere. In essence, being able to track the GPS location and monitor your child will allow you to detect and remedy an otherwise tricky situation or problem before much damage is done. Monitoring the location of your child is thus a matter of necessity rather than an option.

The information on this page has been updated on February 23rd, 2007. I made some updates to the information, and added a link to our new comparison page, where you can see side-by-side the features of two of the best monitoring apps in the market today.

Monitoring an Android’s GPS

Monitoring your child's Android cellphone is easier than ever.
Monitoring your child’s Android cellphone is easier than ever.

All Android phones have GPS capabilities. These cell phones communicate with the satellites that make up the Global Positioning System. Your android phone has a GPS receiver installed, this receiver trilaterates the exact position of the cell phone by using data from at least three GPS satellites and the GPS receiver in your android phone. The exact calculation of a cell phones position is a bit complex but the GPS generally does this by finding the intersection point of the overlapping spheres determined by the cell phones GPS and those of the other three GPS satellites. The process of trilateration uses the distance between the three satellites and the GPS receiver in the cell phone to create sets of overlapping spheres, which intersect in a circle. This intersection occurs in two places, on the ground and in space. It then follows that the ground intersection is usually the cell phones GPS receivers position; in simple terms, where the cell phone is located. Using this, it is possible to know the exact location of any GPS enabled phone. It is worth noting that unlike other OS, which store days and weeks or even months of location data, an Android cell phone only stores 50 of the most recent cellular GPS locations.

How to Locate your Child’s Android Cell Phone

To learn how to monitor your child’s Android phone, you must install a monitoring or tracking application onto the Android cell phone assigned to your son or your daughter. Installing this app on the phone is a breeze and takes anything between two and three minutes.

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Monitor your Child’s Android Social Interactions

Monitor your child's Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more social interactions.
Monitor your child’s Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and more social interactions.

Our children are using social apps, like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, to communicate with friends and family. Nevertheless, is important to monitor each conversation just to make sure is not putting your son or daughter in danger. You can spy WhatsApp and review each conversation to make sure your children are not being targeted by pedophiles, or are not being bullied online. As a parent, is important to know that the power to monitor your child social interactions is in your hands.

Most teenagers know how difficult is for parents to monitor their social profiles. Many feel safe talking about anything with their friends knowing that they will never be caught. Other teenagers make the mistake of trusting the wrong people or suffer from cyber-bullying unable to communicate the pain to their parents. Unable to ask for the support that they need. As a parent, we are responsible for our children and monitoring their social profiles is a good way to start.

How to Monitor your Child’s Android Cell Phone

For starters, you must ensure that the phone runs on the Android OS. Secondly, you should be able to physically gain access of the phone for at least 3 minutes (the time it takes depends greatly on how fast is your connection to the Internet, my recommendation is to use a Wi-Fi connection to download the tracking app). Once you read about all the benefits and monitoring functions you can start your online purchase with a simple click on the BUY NOW button. The buying process is quite straightforward and you will receive some illustrated and simple to understand step-by-step instructions on how to install the app in the Android cell phone. Once you are through with the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email, which will contain the download link, your user name, password and the license key.

Once installation is completed, you will be able to get all-access to GPS tracking information, which is automatically uploaded from the target phone to the cloud servers. You can review all the captured cell phone information anytime 24/7 from the comfort of your phone, tablet or computer, the choice is yours. It is also worth noting that you can control the target phone by sending commands to complete different functions such as back up data, pause application or wipe out data from the member’s area online without displaying those instructions on the target phone.

Another big advantage with this app is that once you buy it, that’s it. Unlike other service providers, this cell phone monitoring application has no hidden costs. You make your payment for the amount of time you estimate will be needing the tracking app and you will not receive any bills for usage, updating or storing data; whichever way you look at it, this is worth your time and money to keep your family and specially your children safe.

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