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How to Track an Android Phone

Finding how to track an Android phone is easier than ever. You don’t need to be working for the government to discover how to track an Android phone. There are many reasons that you may need to spy an Android cell phone used by a family member, particularly if it is your child’s cell phone or one that belongs to an elderly parent who may have a medical condition. If their car were to break down or if they were lost in a crowd, you could use a monitoring software to locate your loved one using the GPS signal from their cell phone. This application can also help you discover the truth if you suspect something is going on behind your back. Basically, the amount of information you will be able to access will help you find the truth and eliminate any doubts in so many different situations.

This article has been updated February 23rd, 2007. It contains many updates to the information previously displayed and a better choice for monitoring cellphones and discovering how to track an Android specifically. If you have any question, please feel free to send me an email, make a comment, and don’t forget to share with your friends, someone might be just looking for something like this,

How to Track an Android

track an androidThe best monitoring applications to track an Android are easy to use, you just have to download the app from the target cell phone or tablet and after configuration and validation of your license, you are ready to start reviewing all the cell phone’s information. The download is fast (usually in less than 5 minutes, in most cases less than 3 minutes if you can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi during installation) and the instructions include a step-by-step manual with cell phone screen captures of every step you need to complete the installation.

If you own a business and you are concerned about where your employees are going when they should be working, then knowing how to track an Android could be your answer. If they are supposed to be making sales calls or deliveries and they always seem to be running late, this software will help you track them down. The app will allow you to monitor the cell phone without them being aware that someone is tracking their movements. This could be a first approach that might provide you with clues as to what is happening without spending too much money in a detective agency, a GPS truck location system or a security system.

Compatible with Android & Apple phones and Tablets

The monitoring Android app is available for almost all cell phone and tablet platforms, including Android phones and tablets, along with iOS for iPhones and iPads. If you are looking to track a Blackberry or Nokia (Lumia) phone, I am sorry to say that there are no good monitoring applications for those cellphone models.

For those devices using the Android platform or iOS (iPhone and iPad), it doesn’t matter which cell company they use or who manufactured the phone, the monitoring app will work to monitor and track those devices in any part of the world.

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Real Time Tracking

how to track an androidWhen you use the tracking feature, you will get real time tracking so you will know where your family member or employee are at all times. You can set up time intervals to track their GPS to find out exactly where they are located and the app offers a map link so you can pinpoint exactly where they are at any time. You can review this and every other piece of information captured by the cell phone tracking app from any device with Internet access, like your tablet, smartphone, computer or laptop, at any time and from anywhere.

The real time tracking reports the activity of the phone you are monitoring within two to five minutes of the phone’s movements. This allows you to know where your children, employees or other family members are whenever you need to locate them, either for an emergency or to make sure where they are located where they are supposed to be. Not only is it a good way to check up on someone, but if they are in a car that has broken down or if your child or elderly parent is lost, you can easily found them and go to their rescue. Discovering all the information after you track an Android is now easier than ever. You will be able to see all the different captured data in your own device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc) with an Internet connection.

Easy to Adjust Options

The app features a live control panel so you can easily set up the options for targeting and tracking the Android cell phone you need to monitor. It allows you to set up logs for the app’s activities, change the time intervals for the GPS tracking and you can view all of the information simultaneously within seconds of getting feedback from the monitored Android cell phone or iOS device. The displayed information is easy to find as well since all the features are neatly categorized.

Quick Download to Start Monitoring

Most people who want to know how to track an Android (or an iPhone) are looking for an application that is easy and fast to install and the ones I recommend don’t disappoint. Both are quick downloads (usually less than a couple of minutes when using a fast Wi-Fi connection), and the basic installation is just like installing a game or an app on a smartphone. Not complicated at all. The only manual step will be to write your activation code onto the cellphone. Once activated, the tracking app starts to capture all information automatically. You have no need to access the Android or iPhone cellphone again.

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Additional Features

Along with GPS tracking, there are several other features that you may find useful.

  • If you are worried about the type of activities that your family member or employee are doing, you can pull up pictures and videos they recorded. You can view them online to find out what they have been doing and whom they have been seeing.
  • The app also can activate their camera phone to take pictures so you can see the phone’s exact surroundings.
  • You will be able to read all text messages. You can read more about this feature in this article: how to spy SMS text messages.
  • review all the web pages visited (including the search queries completed from the Android cellphone),
  • You can also spy WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, and many other social network chats and apps.
  • check the complete list of contacts, read emails.

Both monitoring apps are 100% undetectable and your purchase is protected with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Use a Tracking App to protect your family and your company’s assets by tracking cell phones and monitoring activity on their phones with this easy to use app.

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