How to Use a GPS Phone Tracker to Find Someone

There are some situations when you need to use a GPS phone tracker to find someone.

Wouldn’t you like to know where a cell phone is at any time of day?

Would you like to know if someone does not tell you the truth when asked where he or she has been?

It is a very common theme, maybe more than it should be.

If you are worried because something just doesn’t feel right, and every time you ask someone where he or she has been you only get lies and workarounds, then something is not ok.

You need to find the truth.

You want to know what is going on behind your back.

 I’ll show you in 3 easy-to-follow steps how to locate any cellphone on a map any minute of the day and night. 

All while keeping your intentions secret.

No one will have a clue that you are monitoring a cellphone and already know their location.

And not just that, I’m also going to show you how to review text messages, read emails, view all the photos, read all the conversations on social networks and much more.

All 100% legal.

Also 100% guaranteed.

Let’s find out how to use a GPS phone tracker to locate a cellphone on a map in just a couple of minutes.

How to Locate a Cellphone on a Map (Step by Step Guide)

Let me show you, step by step, how to find and locate a cellphone on a map.

An easy way to find where someone is, 100% guaranteed.

  1. If you want to monitor an Android or iPhone cellphone, the first step is to download the tracking application using the button below. There is one for Android cellphones and a different one for monitoring iPhone cellphones. The download and installation (if needed) are quick, usually takes less than 2 minutes to be up and running.
  2. Once the tracking app is installed and activated, the program starts to capture all the information that goes through the smartphone: text messages, calls, GPS coordinates, calls, etc. 100% automatically, you don’t need to do anything.
  3. That’s all. If you want to review the information and find the Android or iPhone cellphone on a map, you just need to enter a web page using your unique credentials and pick the location tab. On that same web page, you are able to read all the text messages, chats and emails.

Some of the best features I loved about using this particular mobile phone tracking application are:

  • Is 100% guaranteed.
  • Includes a manual that explains step by step, and with screen captures-pictures, how to install the program on a cellphone.
  • Includes free updates.
  • Offers technical support if you have any problems during the installation and operation of the spy program.
  • The GPS tracker app does not send any type of alarms to the cellphone screen.
  • Allows you to create alerts (that only you will get) when certain keywords appear in conversations.
  • You can also create virtual boundaries that alert you when the mobile phone enters or exits certain places, like your home, the school, etc.

Like I said before, using a GPS phone tracker is the best solution in the market to locate a cellphone without anyone knowing.

It doesn’t matter where that special someone is, it could be the mall, school. No matter.

Don’t waste another second and take the first step.

Download the Best GPS Phone Tracker in the Market Today

Just click one of the two buttons below to start your download.

Why Do you Need to Know How to Locate a Cellphone?

In normal situations obviously it is not necessary to be monitoring the location of someone else.

They can be at work, doing some shopping, watching movies, or with friends and family.

However, there are situations where you just don’t trust what he or she tells you.

Maybe you found some clue that something is not right in your relationship.

It can be as simple as a sixth sense that warns you that someone is doing something bad.

If you start having doubts about the whereabouts of someone special, then using an application to track their GPS coordinates and show them in a map will give you the chance to know for sure if someone is lying or not.

Thanks to our current technological advances, we have a chance to find the truth.

Just a few years ago and I know because I had to rely on one of these sad options, the only way to find someone was to use a detective or for you to follow him or her around town for hours.

In you were using a detective (or two) and nothing was found, you still have to paid.

And if you didn’t go to work one day and didn’t find anything, then a whole day was wasted.

Obviously, neither of these options was a long-term solution.

The most effective way to find a cellphone and read all the conversations is using a GPS phone tracking application.

If that special someone is always taking his or her cellphone everywhere, then is helping you find the truth.

You just need to download the app and in a couple of minutes, you will be ready to find what is really going on.

Geofencing allows you to receive alerts when a cellphone enters or exits a location.
Geofencing allows you to receive alerts when a cellphone enters or exits a location.

How to Use GPS Location Service to Find a Cellphone

A good cellphone tracking app has among its main functions to capture GPS location coordinates showing where the cellphone is located.

These coordinates are used in many other apps, to get directions to a place, to request a taxi, to find near restaurants, etc.

This location service is usually included in your phone call plans.

Cellphones like Android and iPhone include the GPS location service as a requirement for their optimal operation.

For the GPS tracking application to be able to find the exact location of the cellphone, the location service must be active and receiving GPS coordinates.

The spy app makes a copy of all the GPS coordinates and stores these on the cloud.

At any time, you could open a web page, and display on a map the coordinates where the cellphone has been all day or night.

Let’s take a look how that works.

How to Review the Cellphone Location on a Map

Once you have captured the GPS coordinates, you have to open a web browser, for example, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox on any web-enabled device to locate the cellphone on a map.

This special web page, let’s call it your control panel page, is only available to you. No one else can enter without knowing your username and password.

Once inside, you select “Locations” on the left side navigation bar and you will be presented with a list of all stored locations showing the coordinates, the address, and the time.

You can choose to see the list or to show a map with all the coordinates tracing the cellphone’s movement through the day or night.

You can find more about how to use GPS coordinates on a map here:

It is easy to find where the cellphone has been using the Locations tab:

Find the location of a cellphone using a GPS Phone Tracker
Find the location of a cellphone using a GPS Phone Tracker


If you suspect something is not right in your relationship is better to know what is going on as soon as possible.

As much as you want, your situation will not improve.

On the contrary, it is very possible that is going to get worse and some mistake will take place.

If you need to find a cellphone, using a monitoring application is the best solution.

A GPS tracking app could eliminate all your doubts.

With all the cellphone conversations and locations in your hands, it will be impossible for you not to find the truth.

You are going to make it impossible to hide any secrets.

The solution could be in your hands in just a couple of minutes.

Don’t waste another second.

Use the buttons on this page to download the tracking application and start monitoring a cellphone today.

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