Monitoring Cellphones

How to Charge your iPhone using USB (while Locked)

apple iphone usb charge

Has it happened to you? You are in a rush and your iPhone is dying. You decide to charge your iPhone using a USB cable connected to an alarm clock or your laptop, thinking this is all you need to start charging your cellphone. You come back an hour later, and your iPhone still not charge, but now is showing …

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How to Become a Smartphone Guru (using these Tips in 2019)


If you want to be hip, you have to know a lot about how to operate smartphones. Has it happen to you that a friend or coworker ask for how to do something on his or her cellphone, and you just didn’t know how to help. Let’s turn that around. Follow these simple tips to turn yourself into a smartphone …

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How to Monitor your Child’s Android Phone

monitor your childs android phone

Nowadays, knowing how to monitor your child’s Android phone is far from a trivial activity. Children and especially teenagers are known to run into trouble either knowingly or unknowingly once in a while even without the use or presence of technology. However, with numerous technological advancements such as mobile telephony and the introduction of several social network platforms like Facebook, …

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How to Track an Android Phone

track an android cellphone

Finding how to track an Android phone is easier than ever. You don’t need to be working for the government to discover how to track an Android phone. There are many reasons that you may need to spy an Android cell phone used by a family member, particularly if it is your child’s cell phone or one that belongs to …

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How to Spy SMS Text Messages in 3 Easy Steps

how to spy sms text messages

Learning how to spy SMS or spy on text messages can be easier than you think. Everywhere you look; it seems as if people are glued to their smartphones. Teenagers and young adults are constantly text messaging, even during dinner time, which can frustrate a parent to no end. If you are curious as to whom your children are always …

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Why Do I Need to Root an Android to Spy WhatsApp?

If you need to spy WhatsApp on an Android cell phone there is ONLY ONE WAY of doing it, by installing a tracking app that will capture all the chats (and more) from the phone. But, there is a catch. The monitoring app needs to be installed with full permissions to be able to gather all the messages that WhatsApp …

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How to Turn Your Android Phone Into Your Personal Trainer


Whether you’re trying to get back into your New Year’s Resolutions, or you’re just looking to get fit, you may be trying to figure out ways that are inexpensive. Unfortunately, a gym membership and a personal trainer may be out of the question for your current budget, but that doesn’t mean that you’re stuck. Even though you can’t get the …

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